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General informations

Our mountain hostel is not reachable by car, the last stage of the road coming up from Szentendre city can be only used by vehicles that have autorisation of the forestry company. The House can be reached about in 1,5 hours on foot from the main parking sites or from the public transport destinations. Generally we can say that the easiest way to get here is the yellow hiking trail starting from Szentendre railway and bus station, we recommend this way for families with little children and elderly peolpe. The green hiking trail stating from Pomáz city is more touristic, but with a steeper incline, and in rainy periods it can be muddy as well. Or those who arrive with car, parking at Lajosforrás can be a good solution, the yellow hiking trail leeding to the House widing through the forest and the altitude difernce is also friendly. We recommend to allof our guests the use of an online or printed map when navigating to the house, and depending on the time of the unset, a torch in the backpack might be useful as well.

Arriving by car – recommended parking sites:

By car

Arriving by public transport – informations:  

By public transport

Recommended hiking trails:

Hiking trails

Recommended navigation applications: (android)


Arriving by car

Our mountain hostel is not reachable by car, the last stage of the road coming up from Szentendre city can be only used by vehicles that have autorisation of the forestry company.  We recommend the parking sites below for those who arrive with vehicle, all of them are about a 1,5 hours walk from the House

Szentendre city, Parking site next to the roundabout at the end of Kálvária street.


After parking you may follow the yellow square, than the yellow stripe hiking trail leading towards the house:


Szentendre city, Parking site situated after the Lajosforrás- Dömörkapu turnout


After parking you can reach the house following the green stripe hiking trail:


Szentendre Lajosforrás, Parking site beside the road heading towards Lajosforrás


After parking you can reach the house following the yellow stripe hiking trail:


Arriving by public transport

Guests arriving via local train line H5 (Budapest, Batthany tér – Szentendre) can choose between Szentendre or Pomáz stations as a starting point. From Pomáz H5 station the House can be reached via the green stripe hiking trail:

From Szentendre H5 final station the House can be reached via the yellow stripe hiking trail:

Guests using Volánbusz ( Budapest, Újpest Városkapu – Szentendre Püspökmajori lakótelep ) might get off rom the bus at ‘Püspökmajor lakótelep’ station, from where after a short walk to the end of Kálvária they can reach the House via the yellow stripe hiking trail:


A Volánbusz station ‘Dömörkapu – Kéki Kőbánya’ is also a poible strating point, guets chooing this way may follow the green cross sign, than the yellow stripe sign to reach the House:


Hiking trails

Pomáz H5 station – Kőhegyi Menedékház

Pomáz H5 station – Kőhegyi Menedékház (green stripe)

Distance: 5,1 km, Altitude: 240 m, Time: 1,5-2 hours

Get off the H5 at Pomáz, turn right, and follow the green stripe to the Kőhegy. On both sides of the road, the sights of the city can be seen; the statue of the 1956 revolution, the statue of WW I., the protestant (reformed) church with classicist ornaments, the Serbian Orthodox church, the Serbian cross (built in Gothic style), the baroque Roman Catholic church and parish and the Wattay-Teleki castle – also built in baroque style.
Walking up to the mountain and approaching the mainly oak woods, we can see a beautiful ravine on the left. The blue cross sign – marking the route to the Lajos spring – can be approached after maybe 500 metres. Heads up here, do not follow the blue cross, but turn right, following the green stripe and taking a sharp right, there is a slight climb right before the Spring of János. Water washed roots paint the landscape wild, then a cart track, a left and a right curve comes into sight. In the spring, the blooming and flourishing violets, peep pansies and yellow primroses are comfortingly compensate tourists for the rolling down stones, and protruding roots on the wildly steeping route. Shortly, the offset of the mountain with the monument of Petőfi can be reached. Wide and beautiful sights open to the city of Pomáz, Szentendre, the Danube, and even further (spiritually as well) if the weather is clean. Following the green sign we arrive to the House situated in the corner of the plateau.

Szentendre H5 station - Kőhegyi Menedékház

Szentendre H5 station– Kőhegyi Menedékház (yellow stripe)

Distance: 6 km, Altitude: 250 m, Time: 1,5-2 hours

Follow the Vasúti Villasor from the HÉV. At the end of it, the yellow stripe is not painted squarely. To avoid getting lost, go only until you reach to Harkály Street and then turn right and go to the Pomázi route/street. Turn left and you will find a junction. Here chose the narrower branch that turns down to the left – this continues the Pomáz road/street. The route leads out from the settlement, and becomes a road among alleys. A marked nature trail opens on the right, but pass it, and look for the yellow tourist mark on the left side of the road, on a tree.  In front of that, there is the cart road that needs to be followed – turn right. There is a left curve and a slope next. Soon, the Villa Pataki, or on another name Villa Vörös comes into sight on your right. Then pass a big open meadow. Not much after, a modern complex of villas with pools, appear on the right side. Then comes the aquifer of the hill Dobos, which needs to be passed from the left to follow the yellow stripe until it reaches the House.


Szentendre, Püspökmajor lakótelep bus station – Kőhegyi Mendékház

Szentendre, Püspökmajor bus station– Kőhegyi Menedékház (yellow square, yellow stripe)

Distance: 4,5 km, Altitude: 200 m, Time: 1-1,5 hours

After getting off the bus, face to the edge of the city and the mountaines and follow the Kálvária street, until reaching a roundabout – continue the walk straight ahead. After a left, then a right curve, there is a long and straight road that leads up to the hill Dobos, the aquifer (on the left, the road leads by the Villa red and another building). Pass the aquifer from the right, and follow the yellow stripe to the house.


Szentendre, Dömörkapu, Kéki Kőbánya bus station - Kőhegyi Mendékház

Szentendre, Dömörkapu Kéki Kőbánya bus station– Kőhegyi Menedékház (yellow cross, yellow stripe)

Distance: 4 km, Altitude: 250 m, Time: 1-1,5 hours

Getting off the bus, the yellow cross can be found on the left side.  The road turns left and then right, after crossing the Bükkös stream. The sign leads to the aquifer, where from you can get to the house, following the yellow stripe hiking trail.

Szentendre, Dömörkapu turnout – Kőhegyi Menedékház

Szentendre, Annavölgy parking site – Kőhegyi Menedékház (green stripe)

Distance: 3 km, Altitude: 250 m, Time: 1 óra

Arriving by car, at the Dömörkappu turnout, you may choose the road going towards Lajosforrás. Driving abour 200 meters you can find a parking site on the left side of the road. Crossing the little bridge over the Bükkös stream, we leave the surfaced road, and turn left upwards the Cseresznye hill. During the trail, we leave behind the yellow cross and the green omega sign leading towards the “Vasas-szakadék” and we continue on on the green stripe, with the gully leftwards. Crossing the gully, the trail raises slowly to Kőhegy, and runs into the yellow stripe hiking trail. Turning right and following the sign we arrive in a few minutes to the House.  

Lajosforrás (source) – Kőhegyi Menedékház

Szentendre, Lajosforrás parking site – Kőhegyi Menedékház (yellow stripe)

Distance: 3,5 km, Altitude: 150 m, Time: 1 óra

When arriving by car to Lajosforrás, please take care about choosing the right direction before starting your trip on the yellow stripe sign. The easiest way to find the yellow stripe trail leading to the House, is walking back from the source on the surfaced road 200 meters, and turning right where the yellow tripe signs appear. You can park your car directly next to this gate, on the right side of the road, or in the parking site next to the source (than you have to walk back).   

The yellow stripe hiking trail from Lajoforrás inclines between the oak trees, passes through a small gully, than follows a forestry road. After walking about a 800 meters the hiking trail turns left towards the direction of Csepel-source (head up here, at the junction, choose the yellow stripe sign to go on!). Passing by the turnout to the source we arrive to another junction, where we turn right on the yellow stripe, ascending gradually in the side of Cseresznye hill, arriving finally to the field in front of the House.

Kőhegyi Menedékház on google maps

Czibulka János Kőhegyi Menedékház on google maps:



Google maps

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.maps

You can use google maps for on foot navigation when starting from Szentendre Kálvária street pakring site or Pürpökmajos lakótelep bus station, guiding you via the yellow square and yellow stripe hiking trail. (starting pont: https://goo.gl/maps/j8nZCQLToLz ). If you choose another point of departure, (Budapest, Pomáz, Szentendre – Lajosforrás, etc.) use it carefully because it can guide you towards non-official hiking roads, enclosed roads, or roads that are only driveable with a 4×4 vehicle.  



Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=g.hu

The application provides offroad tourist navigation for android based smartphones, including the officially registered hiking trails.



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