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mountain hostel

Foods and drinks

Bar opening hours

Monday: CLOSED (opened only if guests check-in in advance)

Tuesday: CLOSED (opened only if guests check-in in advance)

Wednesday: 10:00-18:00

Thursday: 10:00-18:00

Friday: 10:00-18:00

Saturday: 10:00-18:00

Sunday: 10:00-18:00

The bar is closed on Monday and Tuesday, on the other days it is opened from 10:00-18:00.

Except public holidays, on Monday and Tuesday we only serve individual guests and groups who checked in in advance via telephone or email. During public holidays we are opened on these days, you can find further information about or special opening hours on the link below:



We serve the following dishes and foods every day in the bar:

Kőhegy sausage soup served with sour cream, thyme and bread

Grilled sausages served with mustard and horse radish

Goose grease sandwich, with red onion and paprika

Liptauer sandwich

Only on weekends: pancake (fillings: cocoa powder, jam, quark, poppy-seed, nutty)

Only on weekends: daily menu (goulash soup or other traditional hungarian dishes )

Above these foods delicatessen (chocolate, salty sticks, candies) are also available in the shop, and in spring-summer period we sell ice cream as well.

If you arriving to the House with a group of people (10+ person) you can pre-order any dish that we can prepare. In this case please write us an email, or contact us via telephone at least 48 hours before arriving. If you come with a group of people, please read our informations below regarding groups.


In the category of alhoholic drinks we provide craft beers, different types of canned beers, and quality wines. Considering short drinks we have ‘pálinka’, Unicum, gin and rum in our supply.

Regarding non-alcoholic beverages we offer home-made sirops, juices, non-alcoholic beers and soda. In the hot-drink category, we prepare coffee and tea permanently and we also offer mulled-wine seasonally.

In case of special events we are ready to adjust our basic supply according to the needs of the group. If you are planning to organize an event at our place, please read through our informations regarding events:


Special menus

For vegans, vegeterians or for guests having a special diet or food intolerence, we are ready prepare special menu as needed. Due to our kitchen’s capacity and stocks in this case we kindly ask you to alert us 48 hours before your arrival, for that we can purchase the necessary ingredients in time.


Those guest who are planning to stay in the House and have special food requirements will be interviewed on their needs during the reservation process.


Bar prices

Our prices indicated on our website may vary seasonally.

The menu prices for hostel guest, groups, and events are discusssed separetly during the reservation process!


Kőhegy sausage soup served with sour cream, thyme and bread 850 HUF

Grilled sausages served with mustard and horse radish 890 HUF

Goose grease sandwich, with red onion and paprika 200 HUF

Vegan grease sandwich 350 HUF

Liptauer sandwich  300 HUF

Pancake 200 HUF

Choclate 200 HUF

Candies 350 HUF

Salty sticks 200 HUF


Coffee 250 HUF

Caffe latte / Capuccino 350 HUF

Tee 3 dl 200 HUF

Mulled wine 3 dl 480 HUF

Craft beers 0,5L (ale, wheat, dark, red) 480 HUF

Canned beers 0,5L 450-480 HUF

Wines (dry, red, white, rosé) 1 dl 250 HUF

Short drinks 0,3 dl / 0,5 dl 590 HUF / 950 HUF

Sirops 3 dl / 5 dl 300 HUF / 450 HUF

Babies and children

For guests arriving with babies or little children we offer high-chair, mobile baby-bed, changing table, and nursing room if needed. On the first floor of the hostel and on the site in front of the hostel minors should be accompanied by an adult person.


At the outdoor fire places around the hostel and, in case of bad weather, in the veranda of the hostel guests and groups have the oppurtunity to prepare their food on their own. We rent the following technical support for cooking and baking:

Cooking kettle (10L) with stand 3000 HUF / occasion

Grill disc 2000 HUF / occasion

Grill disc with gas bottle 3000 HUF / occasion (Can be used when prohibition of fire is in effect)

Gas bottle and gas burner 1500 HUF / occasion (Can be used when prohibition of fire is in effect)

Caldron ( 50L ) with gas bottle and gas burner 5000 HUF / occasion (Can be used when prohibition of fire is in effect)

Skewer 250 HUF / item

Other cooking equipments (chopping board, knife, kitchen utensils )1000 HUF / occasion

Firewood package 1000 HUF / package

Please send us an email in advance if you need any of the items above for that we can reserve the necessary equipement for you at the period given.






Every day 10:00-18:00


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